The most beautiful sculptures in the world

Whether they are made of marble, stone, bronze, or wood among others, sculptures are erected, as famous as beautiful around the world. Places, characters, stories... They can leave you with various quite remarkable imprints. For you, a selection whose beauty makes all the difference. The Colossus of the Apennines We owe this Florentine sculpture to the genius of the Flemish artist Giambologna. This giant of several meters, which sits in the park of Pratolino, is a work of art that has combined... Read more

What are the oldest paintings in the world?

The painter or artist, beyond his ability to create magnificent and extraordinary artistic works, also distinguishes himself from others thanks to his particular style. Since the dawn of time, many artists have been born and have left to mankind paintings never equaled. The Last Supper The Last Supper is an emblematic painting of all time, created by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. It is thought to be painted at the end of the 15th century. This immense Renaissance fresco, painted on the w... Read more

3 irresistible types of art

Art is at the heart of all debates, everyday discoveries emerge and many creations are made by painters and researchers in this field. Are you passionate about everything related to art and imagination? Discover in this article the three types of art that will not remain without marking you. The murals The murals are types of art in front of which you will resist little. Indeed, murals or wall paintings are beautiful reproductions that can be done in your living room or even in the bedroom. Thi... Read more

What are the best art paintings of the moment?

The 21st century is known to be the period of the emergence of artistic creation in all fields. Artists, designers all strive to achieve beautiful art paintings. Among these, new works emerge which are added to the illustrious list of the best art paintings of our time. If you have a soft spot for artworks, discover the art paintings of the moment. The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper When it comes to presenting the most famous paintings, it is impossible not to mention the Mona Lisa and the Last... Read more

Top 3 most useful painting tools

To become a painter and succeed in this profession requires many sacrifices, painting workshops, participation in exhibition shows, in all, a job well done. To achieve this, as in any field, they have a whole arsenal of painting tools. In this article, discover the three painting tools that will be essential if you ever consider a career as a painter. The Brush The paintbrush is a fundamental tool for the artist without which he or she will not be able to do a quality job. Even if you sometimes... Read more